Lotus Wall Art by SHERMANS



The original - LOTUS WALL ART. Real leaves, harvested, cooked in color up to eight times, dried on clotheslines like t-shirts, processed into artworks coming in over 18 colors and finally brought to glow and shine by finishing it with golden lacquer. Stunning, magical, fascinating and vastly colorful. 


LOTUS WALL ART as three-dimensional objects for colorful wall design. Real Lotus leaves that are handmade, following almost 40 process steps, add depth and color to your walls.


Our latest development is LOTUS WALL ART in UV-Digital-Direct-Print on glass and AluDibond. With brilliant colors and combinations creativity has no limits. Whether for hotels, restaurants, mansions, SPA-, or (sensitive to the weather) outdoor areas: We’ve got a solution. "You dream it - we build it"